Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Today’s special news:

Simply Delicious nominated Miss Wu Kitchen for a Liebster Award!


This award is given from bloggers to bloggers to help promote their blog and get their names out there!

Once you are nominated, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Answer the 10 Liebster questions give to you by the blogger who nominated you
  • Select 10 blogs with a small following to nominate for the award
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees
  • Link back to your nominator
  • Inform each of your nominees of your nomination

Thanks Simply Delicious for the nomination! If you like to learn basic cooking skills and cake designs; Simply Delicious has easy to follow recipes. Also, if you like to try new restaurants, there is a special Huston Bites page at Simply Delicious blog. It showed some cities simply delicious has explored and reviewed. Be sure to check out Simply Delicious blog for more information.

Here are Simply Delicious’ Questions and My Answers :

1.What is your favorite, easy to make dessert for parties?

Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Pie with Chia Seeds Crust. Only need to bake the crust.

2.What is the weirdest drink flavor or combo you have ever had?

Hot cider with alcohol. I forgot the name of it. It tasted like cough medicine.

3.What dessert flavor do you always end up ordering?

New York Cheese Cake. I can’t say no to that.

4.Describe one of your biggest cooking/baking fails.

One of biggest baking failures was trying to make strawberry souffle. I was trying to make a light and healthy version of this dessert so i changed the recipe, but it didn’t work:( I was really looking forward to try it too).

5.Which Food Network show is your favorite?

Diners, Drive-ins And Dives. I like to go on road trips with my hubby. We have started to try different restaurants that he recommended in the shows while we’re on the road trip.

Also, I need to mention one show at Travel Channel~Bizarre Foods. Andrew Zimmern has traveled all over the world and tried all kinds of local food and it’s fun to watch cause i can related to that; i tried a lot of weird things in Asian (considered in America) when i was a kid. And i just love to see my hubby’s reaction, his mouth is wide open in aww when he is watching the show every single time.

6.Have you ever been to a Man vs. Food restaurant or bakery?

Lewiston Silo Restaurant. Adam Richman visited that restaurant in 2010.

7.Do you prefer baking solo or with other people?

Doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy it either way. But If my hubby was baking with me i would just let him take control and go sit down and relax to watch my TV show.

8.Who/what inspired you to start your food blog?

I like to see people smile after they have tried my cooking. That was what inspired me to start my food blog to share my recipes and exchange experiences with other food bloggers.

9.What is a dish that you’ve always wanted to make?

A lot. But the one i really want to try to make is chocolate fondant.

10.What is your favorite fried food?

Ummmm, deep fried milk.

My food blogger nominations:

Butter, Basil and Bread Crumbs~ Simple, rustic, delish. Life is good.

Dosirakbento~ A Korean and Japanese inspired lunch box

Prefer Healthy Style~ Living Your Healthy Life

My Tryst with Baking ~ Bake your way to life’s simple and sweet pleasures

Creating Beauty in the Kitchen ~ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen

Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen~ Recipes for healthy living

K.ABC~Food photography and recipe writing

Saucy Gander

Along the Grapevine 

Traditionally Modern Food~ Traditional recipes with a modern twist

Here are my Liebster Questions:

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • Which restaurant have you been to that you love the most ?
  • Who is your favorite actor ?
  • Tea or Coffee ?
  • Where was the last, best vacation?
  • What dish, snack or dessert can’t you live without and you are always craving it ?
  • Which dish did you like most as a kid?
  • What is the weirdest dish that you have tried but you actually liked it in the end?
  • What are you afraid of ?
  • Which cuisine do you prefer the most ?



5 Comments Add yours

  1. simplydelish says:

    Love your post! Bizarre Foods is on my top fav as well, I love how he combines travel and food. I didn’t know you could deep fry milk, very interesting!


    1. wuwutina says:

      I agree !!! I love that show.
      Deep-fried milk originally from Shunde which is located in South China.You can find deep fried milk in Toronto and some Chinese restaurants in the States.


  2. viktoryarch says:



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